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Richard Pitcairn DVM PhD
Special Guest Chat with the Author of
Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats
Thursday, March 30 from 9-10 PM Eastern
in the Dog Den

DrPitcairn: Hi everyone.

It will be a pleasure to talk with you about health issues. I have spent much of my day trying to get a new printer to work and on the phone with tech support and setting up different ways. I really love all the technology, except when it doesn't work right and then I start pulling out my hair.

I am interested if any of you have read the last edition of my book, ed. 3, which came out a few months ago. Bigger than before and I hope more easily used. I had to rework the recipes quite a bit and struggled with trying to balance them with calcium. If any comments about the usability of the recipes they are welcome.

Of course you may have other thoughts in mind and other questions, so please let me know what is on your collective minds.

PHKitkat: Hi Dr, Pitcairn

luvmyangels: Hi Dr. Pitcairn

Mothergoose: Hello Dr Pitcairn

PHChristy: LOL, we know about technology, Dr. Pitcairn.... when it works, it's great, and when it doesn't, it becomes obvious who is master and who is servant

GeriR: hi Dr Pitcairn

Jory_nr: ?

DrPitcairn: I have been a servant lately.

PHChristy: folks, please for now let's stop open chatting in the room .....

mmm_nr: Have read your new book and fed your recipes for years.

PHChristy: I have read all three editions of your book ....

DrPitcairn: What do you think of the new edition?

staffordmom: I have too

staffordmom: I love it!

PHChristy: you removed my favorite recipe, Growth Diet C

PHChristy: Let me introduce our guest and then we'll start taking questions

DrPitcairn: In the prior editions we had two classes of recipes, for the growing animals and for the adults.

DrPitcairn: It became easier to just up the protein levels of the adult recipes

DrPitcairn: and to make the recipes suitable for both groups.

DrPitcairn: The whole process of coming up with balanced recipes

DrPitcairn: Is more difficult than you would think.

PHChristy: Good evening and welcome to everyone, on behalf of all of us at I'm Christie Keith the regular host of this weekly holistic pet care chat and editor and director of community services for

PHChristy: We are very pleased to welcome our guest, Dr. Richard Pitcairn. Before turning things over to him and to all of you, I'd like to say a few words.

First, how this chat works:

PHChristy: Please do not chat openly in the room. If you want to make a comment or question, type ! or ?.

Mothergoose: ?

PHChristy: A host will add your name to the queue, and will CALL ON YOU BY NAME when it's your turn. DO NOT chat in the room or ask your question until then.

Jory_nr: ?

PHChristy: When you are done with your question or comment, please type "GA" so we know you are finished. Otherwise, we might sit there waiting and it will slow the chat down.

PHChristy: When you are done with your question or comment, please type "GA" so we know you are finished. Otherwise, we might sit there waiting and it will slow the chat down.

mmm_nr: ?

PHChristy: Unknown to him, Dr. Pitcairn has played a huge role in the course of my life for the last two decades and more. In January of 1986, I was in a pet supply store browsing the book section. I picked up his book, the first edition of "Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats," and opened it to read these words:

PHChristy: "We need to look at the whole picture of an illness and find therapies that will work with the whole body- not against it- in the healing process.

PHChristy: "To me, that is what constitutes a true cure. I often use the term 'holistic' to describe this approach to medicine. Unlike many who use the word, I do not equate it with 'natural', for it is certainly possible to use natural methods such as herbs, vitamins, and exercise but still fail to see the overall picture of what is happening."

PHChristy: What is really needed, he said, "Is an entirely new understanding, not just the substitution of a vitamin for an antibiotic, or a mineral for a hormone."

PHChristy: Since that day I have fed my dogs and cats a raw, homemade diet, and worked with holistic veterinarians and with, most importantly, a holistic MINDSET, to help my animals know the best possible health.

PHChristy: Dr. Pitcairn received his degree in veterinary medicine from UC Davis in 1965, and his Ph.D. in veterinary microbiology and immunology from Washington State University in 1972. He is the founder of the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy and frequently lectures on the topic. His best-selling book is now in its third edition, released in 2005.

PHChristy: I am truly honored and excited to welcome Dr. Richard Pitcairn to our chat tonight. Dr. Pitcairn, would you like to open with some comments, after which we'll take questions from the chatters? Or shall we jump right in, since you already made some opening remarks? GA

PHAbymom: Welcome to our special guest chat with Dr. Richard Pitcairn on "Natural Health for Dogs and Cats." Please do not chat openly in the room, but enter "?" or "!" if you have a question or comment and wait to be called on by PHCatByte when it's your turn.

DrPitcairn: If my earlier remarks were seen, then lets go ahead.

PHCatByte: mothergoose, your question?

PHChristy: ok, here we go :)

MarilynK_nr: ?

PHChristy: :::::HELPFUL HINT: Have your question typed up and ready to hit "send" when you're called on:::::::

Mothergoose: I would like to know if the same amount of grains is still reccommended for the dog recipes as in your first edition? Also, what do you reccommend as treatment for heartworm positive dogs?GA

DrPitcairn: First question.

DrPitcairn: The amount of grains was adjusted in the new recipes

DrPitcairn: to match the other changes in protein and fat.

DrPitcairn: I reworked the recipes to increase the most essential nutrients.

staffordmom: ?

DrPitcairn: Nothing wrong with the "old" ones

DrPitcairn: Just that it was easier to work up new recipes that could be used in various ways.

DrPitcairn: Second question.

Clicker59: ?

DrPitcairn: I have treated heartworm infestation with nutrition and homeopathy.

DrPitcairn: ga

PHCatByte: jory, your question

Jory_nr: I am trying to find a homeopathinc treatment for possible knee injury with my dog ..can you recommend a remedy I could try..I was told to try Bellis dose and wait and watch for results...g/a

emma0625: ?

DrPitcairn: Bellis per. is much like Arnica.

DrPitcairn: Useful for injuries to soft tissues, like the internal organs such as liver and kidneys.

DrPitcairn: For knee injuries, I would think Arnica first

DrPitcairn: And then after that perhaps Rhus tox. or Ruta.

DrPitcairn: ga

PHCatByte: mmm, your turn!

mmm_nr: Back to the creatine issue. BUN is normal, creatine is up.My vet isn't worried since Any ideas on what to do? These are 7 YO cats, on your recipes, so I'm puzzled by what might be causing problems.

Jory_nr: Thankyou Dr. Pitcairn....any particular dosage ?

mmm_nr: Sorry - not worried as BUN is normal

mmm_nr: BTW- Thanks for the wonderful books!

DrPitcairn: Dosage of homeopathic remedies often suitable at 30c potency, single dose. Unless you have other guidance, a good place to start.

Jory_nr: Thanks again ..g/a

DrPitcairn: Regarding kidney function there are two blood values that are esp. useful to know.

DrPitcairn: These are BUN and creatinine. The latter is more an indicator of the ongoing chronic state.

DrPitcairn: So if creatinine high that means the kidneys have been this way for some time.

DrPitcairn: The diet used, in regards to levels of nutrients is not a factor in the development of kidney disease.

mm_nr: ?

mmm_nr: How do I treat kidney disfunction holistically?

Kacy_nr: ?

DrPitcairn: Of course food that is contaminated with nasty stuff does not do the kidneys any good.

DrPitcairn: But the cause of this is not usually due to nutrition.

NYC_NYIfan: ?

DrPitcairn: For example, my observation is that vaccines are much more a factor for inducing this in cats than anything else. ga.

Wiscats: ?

mmm_nr: How do I treat this, besides no more vaccinations?

DrPitcairn: Use the best food you can, fresh food, organic, recipes like mine so it is balanced.

DrPitcairn: This is to avoid anything in commercial food that could be toxic.

mmm_nr: They have been on your recipes their whole lives which is why I'm puzzled

DrPitcairn: Then you can start treatment homeopathy or another alternative method.

mmm_nr: What homeopathic remedies would you recommend?

DrPitcairn: I can tell you that antibiotics which are often suggested for this are either useless or harmful, depending on the situation. GA

PHCatByte: marilynk, you had a question?

MarilynK_nr: yes

MarilynK_nr: Dr. Pitcairn,

Have you ever heard of the essential oil called Thieves? It smells like it's mostly camphor. It is being used to kill air borne germs. What do you think about using it in diffusers in vet offices that specialize in cats? Is it harmful to cats? I've heard that essential oils are not good for cats, don't know if "Thieves" is harmful if it's diffused. Thank you GA

DrPitcairn: Cats are much more sensitive to chemicals than other animals.

DrPitcairn: They have a lot of trouble with the chemical benzene and its derivatives.

DrPitcairn: Camphor is in this group and not good for cats.

Jack_nr: Is there any particular supplements that would help hypothyroidism?

DrPitcairn: So if this oil contains something like that I wouldn't use it. GA

MarilynK_nr: thank you!

PHChristy: Jack, we'll get to you when it's your turn in the queue :)

MarilynK_nr: GA

PHCatByte: staffordmom, your turn!

staffordmom: you feel there is a danger in feeding bones from US cattle because of lead right? GA

DrPitcairn: Yes.

noellee_nr: ?

PHChristy: Dr. P, did you want to add to that or should we move on to the next question?

DrPitcairn: Realize too that commercial pet foods contain ground up bones from US animals.

staffordmom: ok

DrPitcairn: We can move on. Sorry, I was waiting for noelle and then got impatient. ga

PHCatByte: clicker, you're next

Clicker59: Were can I buy a book on this? I am Leaning in that area & where di yiu get homeopathuc remidy at? GA

DrPitcairn: Do you mean a book on homeopathy?

PHChristy: Dr. Pitcairn's book is here:

PHChristy: and Clicker, you can get homeopathic remedies in health food stores :)

DrPitcairn: You can also order them from homepathic pharmacies.

Clicker59: On the Nutrician & thse Hormonse you were tralking about?

Clicker59: OF GH

PHChristy: Clicker, his book covers all those things :)

Clicker59: OK I mean

Clicker59: Christie Fanks

PHCatByte: emma, you have a question?

emma0625: Do you think that hemangiosarcoma could be more the result of overvaccination rather than genetic?

DrPitcairn: over-vaccination.

DrPitcairn: ga

emma0625: thank you GA

PHCatByte: mm, you're next!

Jory_nr: ?

mm_nr: I was wondering what you think we can do to ease the stranglehold that the pet food companies have over U.S. vet schools? And how best to educate (for lack of better term) our personal veterinarians to integrate traditional vet medicine with alternative?

DrPitcairn: great question.

DrPitcairn: wish I knew myself.

Laura_nr: ?

DrPitcairn: we seem to be country becoming increasingly dominated by corporation.

DrPitcairn: I think it helps to not go along with everything the vet says but to consider and ASK for alternatives.

DrPitcairn: They might not be able to give you anything else but when they hear people (plural)

PHChristy: !

DrPitcairn: asking for more, then they begin to have some interest themselves in these topics.

DrPitcairn: after all, they are in business.

DrPitcairn: the schools are basically very conservative and resist change.

DrPitcairn: here is how it will come about.

DrPitcairn: 1. you, the public (the paying customer)

DrPitcairn: ask for what they don't have.

mm_nr: But the vets make money off the food companies, selling the product. How do you convince them not to?

DrPitcairn: 2. the vet that hears this repeatedly starts to get the idea they need to know about this.

DrPitcairn: 3. they start asking the vet schools for training.

DrPitcairn: 4. the veterinary schools don't know what to say.

DrPitcairn: 5. they start to look for some information and turn to some of us that are doing this work.

DrPitcairn: So, it is from bottom up. Get the idea? GA

PHCatByte: christy, you have a comment?

PHChristy: I just wanted to add, that one thing that has impressed the heck out of many of the vets I have worked with over the last 20 years, is seeing how healthy and long lived my dogs are... many who were hostile at first have come interested and supportive over the years. GA

DrPitcairn: quite right.

Houndmom: ?

PHCatByte: kacy, you have a question?

Kacy_nr: What type of diet and supplements would you recommend for a diabetic dog? Also, is it ever possible to be able to discontinue the insulin?

ravenbourne: ?

Mothergoose: ?

DrPitcairn: I have always recommended the diets in my book.

DrPitcairn: There is further discussion of this disease there. Certain supplements are helpful.

DrPitcairn: If the dog has not been on insulin very long with homeopathic treatment

DrPitcairn: they can often be weaned off the insulin.

DrPitcairn: If on a long time, may be too late to do that.

DrPitcairn: But even then, you can often reduce the amount needed. GA

PHCatByte: nyc, your question!

DustysLegacy: ?

NYC_NYIfan: I bought an OTC herbal preparation for one of my cats, who recently tested with overly-alkaline urine less than a year after needing surgery for bladderstones (struvite). I am very frustrated by the extremely vague dosage instructions. I'm not confident at all that she is getting a useful amount of the active ingredients. This cat also has a history of liver trouble (elevated ALT except in her October blood panel; it was normal then). g/a

DrPitcairn: I don't have much experience with products like this.

DrPitcairn: One of the things that attracted me to homeopathy rather than herbal medicine

mibender: I'm currently fostering a 3-4 year old dachsaund who developed spontaneous megaeshogaus, can you recommend any websites or do you have any advice? mm

DrPitcairn: was that it is much more easily understood regarding dosage.

NYC_NYIfan: Is there a homeopathic approach to treating a cat with FUS?

PHChristy: mibender, just hang on until we call on you! thanks!

DrPitcairn: Also giving herbs to cats in sufficient dosage not easy. GA

iluvarott: ?

PHCatByte: wiscats, your turn!

Wiscats: You said vaccines are more a factor in chronic kidney disease than anything else. Which vaccinations? And when have cats had enough vaccines to guard them for their entire life? ga

DrPitcairn: I am referring to the vaccines that are usually given to cats.

DrPitcairn: In most instances, one injection of a vaccine if given to a cat at the right age is good for life. GA

PHCatByte: jack, you had a question earlier?

Jack_nr: Are there any supplements whitch help a hypothyroid dog?

Wiscats: Is there one of the vaccinations worse than others?

Wiscats: oh..

DrPitcairn: No, one vaccine not worse than others.

DrPitcairn: Re: hypothroid, a fresh food diet very helpful.

DrPitcairn: This is not a nutritional problem however.

DrPitcairn: It is due to an auto-immune disease resulting the the thyroids being attacked by the body itself.

DrPitcairn: Supplements won't solve that. GA

PHCatByte: noelee, it's your turn!

noellee_nr: The suggested herbal and homeopathic remedies in your book have been very helpful. On general mild itchiness, you suggest sulpher 6x every other day. What is the general timeframe for this to cure and to know it is addressing the disease? One of my dogs will bite and scratch each morning for about 5 minutes upon awakening in the bed and then just stop and go back to sleep. His skin/coat is in great shape, no noted problems. He is also raw fed and appears very healthy. Is this particular scratching something sulphur might treat? What about tissue salts? OGA

rodeogirl_nr: hi

DrPitcairn: Yes, sulphur may treat it. This is considered, in homeopathy, to be a chronic condition.

noellee_nr: how long to treat

DrPitcairn: Which means that it is more difficult to treat and not really appropriate for you to try to solve it yourself.

noellee_nr: what would you suggest

DrPitcairn: The advice in the bood will help many animals, but may not cure them.

DrPitcairn: There are other remedies often needed.

DrPitcairn: Some of them to deal with vaccinations.

DrPitcairn: Some to deal with the effects of prior drugs.

DrPitcairn: Usually takes 1-2 years to solve a case like this.

DrPitcairn: If you want to try Sulphur, it will be safe to for 2-3 weeks

DrPitcairn: But not to keep it up for a long time.

noellee_nr: okay so there could be a longer treatment with various homeopathic options

DrPitcairn: Won't necessarily harm your dog but could make the condition worse, more uncomfortable if you use the remedy too much. GA

PHCatByte: jory, your question?

Jory_nr: When using homeopathic remedies, can you use more than one remedy at a time..if long between remedies ? g/a

DrPitcairn: Only one remedy at a time. More than one remedy never used in homeopathy.

Jory_nr: Time bettwen two reemedies ? g/a

DrPitcairn: As for how long, depends on what you are treating. Acute problems can be a few hours between changs and chronic disease a few weeks. GA

PHCatByte: laura, you have a question?

Laura_nr: Any suggestions for a 2 1/2 year old male Dane who tends to be quite thin and have a weak appetite?

Jory_nr: OK..thanks again g/a

joanne_nr: ?

DrPitcairn: A home prepared diet is often helpful. Did you try this?

snakemaster9: ?

Laura_nr: He is raw fed.

DrPitcairn: What kind of raw food?

Laura_nr: Mostly meats.

DrPitcairn: Meat tends to be incomplete as to all nutrients needed.

DrPitcairn: Remember that in the wild much more than meat is eaten.

DrPitcairn: Organs, bones, skin, etc.

snakemaster9: ?

DrPitcairn: If you don't think he has any illness like with digestion, then I would try to make sure the diet is adequate.

DrPitcairn: By this I mean that there are enough calories, enough fat esp. enough calcium.

DrPitcairn: For example, if the calcium too low, then he can't make the enzymes needed for digestion or have his stomach and intestines properlyl contract.

DrPitcairn: If he weight 100 lbs, he will need about 20 grams of calcium a day, about 10 times what you do. GA

PHCatByte: houndmom, your turn!

Laura_nr: Thanks! GA

Houndmom: Back to veterinary colleges a moment ~~ who actually teaches canine nutrition in veterinary colleges?GA

DrPitcairn: You mean specific names?

Houndmom: no. credentials

Houndmom: are they nutritionists?

DrPitcairn: Well, I assume veterinarians. But you know I went to vet school in the 60's

DrPitcairn: At that time there was basically no nutritional training

DrPitcairn: It must be better now.

Houndmom: so they're not actually canine "nutritionists?"

DrPitcairn: I hate to reveal that I am such an old fart.

Houndmom: LOL!!!!!!

Clicker59: LOL

DrPitcairn: Don't really know their credentials. GA

PHCatByte: ravenbourne, your question?

ravenbourne: Utilizing a raw diet, what balance do grains give? If I am feeding a variety of protein sources, what am I missing for nutrients by not feeding grains in my dogs diet? GA

Houndmom: thank you!ga

DrPitcairn: Grains provide carbohydrates, minerals, esp. potassium as a major one, essential fatty acids (if fresh)

DrPitcairn: Meat is high in protein which is needed but is more difficult to digest and not efficient if protein is used

DrPitcairn: for both tissue repair and for energy to keep the body moving and warm. GA

PHCatByte: mothergoose, you're up!

ravenbourne: Why do they need the carbs?

NYC_NYIfan: ?

ravenbourne: i use FBO, specifically salmon oils for EFA's

PHChristy: FBO=fish body oil

DrPitcairn: All food is converted in the body to either blood sugar or fat. Protein can be made to do this but takes more energy and more steps.

Mothergoose: I go to a holistic vet now for my dogs and they are both hw positive. She advises just to give the Heartguard plus and the worms will eventually die. The Heartguard plus will kill the microfilarie. Do you have a regimen in your book of any suggestions? Also I am feeding Flint River Ranch dog food....I cannot afford to feed raw and have a busy schedule.

Mothergoose: Ga thank you for your time today.

DrPitcairn: Carbohydrates are complex sugars which as whole grains are gradually broken down so that the blood sugar levels can be kept even.

Mothergoose: Ga

DrPitcairn: Research has shown that carbs do the best job of regulating blood sugar. This of course is not sugar like in a soft drink. Quite different. Do you understand?

DrPitcairn: GA

ravenbourne: oh yes, and thank yo for your time here tonight:)

ravenbourne: oops *you

DrPitcairn: You are quite welcome. GA

PHChristy: Did you see Mothergoose's question, Dr Pitcairn?

DrPitcairn: Yes, I do now.

DrPitcairn: Heartworms are parasites, right?

Mothergoose: YEs. GA

DrPitcairn: Just like intestinal worms.

furrycritter_nr: ?

DrPitcairn: Parasites thrive in an unhealthy body.

darkstar_nr: ?

PHChristy: folks, we are just about out of time, if Dr. Pitcairn is willing we will finish the queue, which has a few questions still in it, but we can't add any new ones.

DrPitcairn: You can certainly use poisons to kill them

DrPitcairn: but it leaves the same unhealthy condition inviting more guests.

DrPitcairn: Doesn't it make more sense to improve the health?

DrPitcairn: Best way to do that is to give a better diet.

DrPitcairn: After all, think how much cost and time it is taking to deal with this.

DrPitcairn: wouldn't it be easier to put the time in feeding them better? GA

PHCatByte: iluvarott, your question?

Mothergoose: Sure....thanks....GA

iluvarott: Hi Dr. Pitcairn. Have you or would you ever consider speaking to a group of vets about the benefits of this approach - to try to help change their mindset?

darkstar_nr: 20g calcium for a 100 lb dog seems high - was that correct? Seems like it would b emore like 2g with NRC guiodelines - or is that for some specific source?

PHChristy: hang on darkstar, until we call on you :)

DrPitcairn: Since 1985 I have been holding seminars for veterinarians.

darkstar_nr: oops didn't mean to send that

DrPitcairn: In 1992 I started a post-graduate course in homeopathic medicine.

DrPitcairn: This is a one year course, 130 hours of class time with study and assignments.

DrPitcairn: To date, we have almost 500 veterinarians that have gone through this training.

DrPitcairn: Many of them are posted on my web site, in a referral list.

iluvarott: Is there something I can send to my vet to gently suggest that he take your course? :-)

DrPitcairn: There is also now a professional org. called the Academy Of Veterinary Homeopathy

DrPitcairn: Which is for those practicing this way.

DrPitcairn: A good start, don't you think? GA

iluvarott: Thank you. ga

PHCatByte: joanne, your turn!

PHChristy: we have just one more question in the queue, Dr. Pitcairn, if you want to take it then we'll wrap up just a few minutes late ... is that OK, to do one more?

DrPitcairn: SUre.

PHChristy: great, Joanne ga

joanne_nr: I've been hearing that garlic is considered toxic to dogs, yet it is used in many recipes. What is your opinion now? Should I continue to add garlic to their homecooked food?

DrPitcairn: An interesting question but before I get to it may I answer the one about letting your vet know about the training I do ?

JTrott: Dr, I have some questions about my boxer, do you have an email address I can send some questions to?

DrPitcairn: Certainly, give my phone number to them as a start. Also my web site has information on training.

iluvarott: Please do answer the one about the vet training...

DrPitcairn: The next course starts this May so excellent timing.

DrPitcairn: Now for the issue of garlic.

PHChristy: his site is

JTrott: thanks Christy!!!

PHChristy: it has his contact info

DrPitcairn: One hears about many substances that if fed to animals will cause illness.

DrPitcairn: For example, vitamin C.

DrPitcairn: Or raw egg white.

DrPitcairn: What is interesting is to go and actually read these reports.

DrPitcairn: What you will find is conditions very unlike what you would expect at home.

Trudysmom: hello,OK

DrPitcairn: To see if something is not good for animals, like garlic, they may feed 25% or 50% of the diet of this.

DrPitcairn: I don't remember how much garlic was used but the amounts are REALLY BIG.

DrPitcairn: So of course you can see some effects.

DrPitcairn: I have neve observed anything from the judicious amounts one would use in recipes.

joanne_nr: Do you recall who funded the study? I didn't realize there was a study.

DrPitcairn: No, I don't have that info at hand.

DrPitcairn: These are based on reports in the veterinary literature.

DrPitcairn: Just Google it.

DrPitcairn: GA

PHChristy: Folks, that's all we have time for tonight. The transcript of this chat will be posted on the site sometime tomorrow, and I'll email the link to the reminder list as well. I want to thank you all for coming, and most especially to thank Dr. Pitcairn for being our guest. Thank you so much!

Jory_nr: Thank-you..this has been incredible !

noellee_nr: Thanks so much for sharing Dr Pitcairn!

PHCatByte: thanks, dr pitcairn!

DrPitcairn: Fun for me too.

emma0625: thank you

mmm_nr: Thank you

DrPitcairn: Good luck to all of you.

joanne_nr: Please do it again!

staffordmom: ty Dr. Pitcairn

iluvarott: Many thanks Dr. Pitcairn.

Clicker59: OK Christie

PHMeowzers: Thank you very much

mm_nr: Thanx

brightly_nr: Thank you!

Laura_nr: Thanks so much for your time tonight!

NYC_NYIfan: niters and thanks every

PHChristy: We'll now be turning the chat over to PHSmiley and PHMisty for Small Dog Chat, I hope those of you with small dogs will stick around!

PHKitkat: Thanks so much, Dr. Pitcairn :)

Houndmom: thank you!!!

PHSmiley: Welcome to Small Dog chat where small tails wag.

mayrose: Thank you

PHKitkat: Nite All............

PHMeowzers: goodnibht everyone :)

PHChristy: thank you so much, Dr Pitcairn! I will email you a link to the transcript tomorrow as well :)

PHCatByte: uh, oh, this cat is leaving!!!!!! hee hee....

Trudysmom: I FORGOT TO GO TO THE DR>CHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PHMisty: Holy, moly....sure were a lot of bongs. LOL

DrPitcairn: Sorry I was late getting on.

PHSmiley: oh Trudy we sometimes forget

PHMisty: No problem, Dr.

PHChristy: thank you for staying a bit late, we appreciate it!

DrPitcairn: The link in the first email was to a different room.

PHChristy: oh dear, I'm so sorry!

DrPitcairn: So there I sat with two other people.

PHSmiley: lol Misty

Trudysmom: I am so sad I missed it

DrPitcairn: I don't think they knew what to do.

Clicker59: DrP LOL

staffordmom: lol

PHMisty: I thought I was hearing things.

DrPitcairn: Finally found your recent email.

PHChristy: oh gosh, I had no idea! I must have made a copy and paste mistake

ravenbourne: Dr. Pitcarin, do you host non-veterianrians in your education group?

PHChristy: me, a mistake... hard to imagine!

DrPitcairn: No worries.

Clicker59: Christie LOL

PHMisty: Hehehehehe

DrPitcairn: Got to go eat dinner.

DrPitcairn: Best to all.

PHChristy: we hope you'll come back sometime, I promise not to mess up the link again

DrPitcairn: Bye.

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